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    I am trying to decide how best to aggregate all the stufff i need to keep track of work and personal life.

    Work is email based on Outlook. I have a blackberry but don't use it too much due to the interfaces. I am bound for the most part by administrator settings. I have the 'implementing GTD in outlook' and do try to follow this as best i can.

    Personal life - I have at my disposal and iphone and ipad. These would be my preferred choices to consolidate.

    My gut feeling is that i should use a system which has a web/app solution. Something like Toodledo perhaps. I can use the web version at work/home and then the on the go versions, well.....on the go.

    I would lose the interaction with outlook so some things may take a few seconds longer to record, but i'm thinking this is worth the benefit of having it all in one place and easy to work with when commuting etc.

    Iff this is a reasonable solution, what would the best combination of web/app be. Toodledo seems to do what i want, but i'm sure there are others. Would welcome constructive advise/feedback.

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    Focus on the habits first, then the tools!

    I don't have much advice to offer in terms of mobile apps to use for GTD, but I suggest that you first use a paper system and focus on developing the GTD habits first. Once you have the habits down then you can open a project to set up a digital GTD system.

    You might find as you do that that paper is the best way to go. While it's not the most convenient thing to use, it's definitely the easiest thing to use and it removes distractions that will impede your ability to develop the habits.

    You don't have to spend a great deal of money to set up a basic paper system; there's a free article on this site that explains how to do it with a 3-ring binder and plain paper.

    Good luck.


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      I'm using Toodledo on the web and syncing it with Appigo Todo on my iPhone and am very happy with it. The system works flawlessly for me.

      One of the nice features of Toodledo is that you can email tasks to it. While Outlook allows you to drag-&-drop an email to a task, it's just as easy to get the same result by forwarding an email from Outlook to Toodledo.

      Toodledo is very flexible so you can configure it to work in many ways. What I've found works for me is to create folders (lists) based on task status, e.g. Next, Project, Waiting-for and Someday. This structure works nicely with Appigo Todo. Note that toodledo has its own iPhone app too but I'm not a big fan of the interface, although others are.

      I posted screenshots of some of my Toodledo screens in another forum post that you might find helpful: