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Home list vs. Home Maintenance.... [advice sought]

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  • Home list vs. Home Maintenance.... [advice sought]

    I just wanted to post a question to the forum about working off my lists from home.
    While at work I am generally in control of my workday: I am able to check my calendar and work off incoming work and my lists with relative ease. My home list is quite another problem. The “maintenance of life” pulls at me so much that I often cannot get to my home list on a regular basis. I get stuck in the trap of trying to decide whether to work off the home list, or trying to maintain order at home.
    Does anyone else have similar stories? Perhaps success stories where they have found a happy compromise? Did I make sense in my problem description?


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    What is the difference between working off the home list and maintaining order at home? Or "maintenance of life"?

    You mean you are too busy cooking, cleaning, changing diapers to weed the garden or clean out the gutters?

    If you can clarify your description some more (examples?), then it will be easier to give the right suggestions.


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      Your understanding of my problem is correct John. The gist is that when I get home, I often have diapers to change and dishes to wash, etc. The result being that by the time I go to sleep, I have barely (often not at all) looked at my lists.

      Perhaps I just need to give myself permission to feel OK about not getting to my lists until I get some quality time on the weekends!