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How to be reminded of a NA not today

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  • How to be reminded of a NA not today

    I made a document that I need to discuss with my boss. I called him to assign the time. He was busy and promised to call me back. I know that he could forget (used to) so I want to be reminded of calling him again but not today. I thought of @Not today context but that would require daily checking. I'm using Pocket Informant electronic setup and would like to get any ideas of how can I do it, I mean to be reminded of a next action but not today (another option not before x o'clock).

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    This is a typical Waiting-For item. But if this is expected to happen sooner than the next weekly review (or in any case before you review your waiting-for items), then just put it on your calendar. If you don't want to make it day specific but don't want to be reminded of the action till that point, put something like "add an action to remind X re Z" on your calendar. Some softwares may already have it to activate an item after a date, but it's not necessary; you can use the calendar in this way.


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      calendar or tickler

      Put it in your calendar (heard from boss yet?) as information you want to be reminded of that day, or put it into a Tickler system--which is the same thing, really.

      I haven't used PocketInformant in a long time but just a little reminder on the calendar and you know you'll be reminded to think about that on that day.