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How do you Delegate & Share Tasks in a MultiTeam Environment

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  • How do you Delegate & Share Tasks in a MultiTeam Environment

    I was wondering what people do who apply GTD to their day to day workflow. Some areas of specific concern are around Delegating and Sharing Tasks with Team Members.

    What do most of you do?

    Currently, we use a mix of OmniFocus publishing to BusyCal which syncs to iCal and my team reviews their specific tasks in Anxiety. They then review any notes I've attached to the Task and click it OFF when they've completed it. The system works, but it's not as collaborative as I would like it to be.

    As a point of reference, I've looked into online tools like Nozbe, RTM and others, and because of IP issues, I cannot host my data in the cloud, so I've been on a quest to use GTD in a Local Sharing capacity (I manage & store the data the locally).

    Anyway, hope the question makes sense, and I'd love feedback. Let me know if you need anymore disclosure.

    Thanks in advance.
    -policarpo | GTD2CYA
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    Thread on LinkedIn as well


    I am in a similar situation regarding IP/Cloud and I haven't found a solution yet either.

    There's a similar thread going on at LinkedIn. I haven't checked all the suggestions but there doesn't seem to be a good solution there either yet, but may be worth watching:

    Best regards,


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      I saw an article over at lifehacker today about a open source program called Plancake that allows you to download a copy of thier backend so you can run it off of your own server. Hosting your own server would be a way to adress those IP issues.


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        Thanks for the links. We recently downloaded TaskFreak and are reskinning it to suit our needs.

        We've added the Attachments plug in and are trying to figure out the email plugin. It isn't pretty but it allows us to set up users and assign tasks to users and have permissions established. But most of all it's running on our dedicated machine.

        I'll ping back once we've fully deployed it to let you know how it went.

        Thanks again,

        -policarpo | GTD2CYA
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