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Just did my once in a decade closet review!

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  • Just did my once in a decade closet review!

    Came up with a kitchen trash bag full of ill-fitting shirts and ones I just never wear. Besides feeling good and getting a tax deduction for donating to charity, I discovered a bunch of good shirts that got buried in the mess over with the winter clothes, so I am wearing one today. But the main day to day benefit is I can stop struggling to get clothes in and out of an overpacked closet, and now they won't get so wrinkled. To quote a wise man, "A man has got to know his limits!".

    This review stuff is great! Serves to increase your awareness of forgotten stuff, and lets you purge. Nice! Many more areas of my life to go!

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    Congrats on your closet review. I have mine on my someday/maybe list.

    There is nothing like a good purge! I wish I could be disciplined enough to keep from getting so cluttered in the first place.