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How to be reminded of a next action later the same day

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  • How to be reminded of a next action later the same day

    I have 'Call Ben - promissed to find out our positions in account XYZ' on my @Calls list. I dialed Ben and he didn't pick up the phone. I'd like to be reminded to call him again either in 2 hours or tomorrow. In both cases this Next Action should disappear from my @Calls list for some time. I know that Calendar is the best option to differ that kind of stuff. But my Calendar is overflowded already with such type of Next Actions that I have to copy-paste from Calendar to NA lists back and forth daily because I'm in sales. Takes time I'm looking for more convinient solution. Any ideas?

    PS I use electronic setup on IPhone 4 (Pocket Informant).

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    Just send an email to or or with the subject "Call Ben - promissed to find out our positions in account XYZ". The email will return to your inbox on the day and time you specified.

    See for a description. Also, of course, check out for instructions.


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      Another option is practice until you are very quick at calendar entries

      I am pretty quick with Outlook to stick little reminders in my calendar, but I can relate because it takes me longer when I do it on my cell phone so that I can be reminded at night. I am getting much quicker at the cell phone calendar though, through practice.

      Similarly, if you use Firefox, there is a great addin that I love because it is so easy to use and convenient. I think the name is Simple Timer. It shows as a clock on the lower right status bar of Firefox, or as a countdown or countup timer. And you can make timers recurring, so I am experimenting with one that alarms every 30 minutes with "Stop Wasting Time".
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        I use the tickler for that kind of stuff. I don't shut down shop for the day until everything in the tickler is dealt with.


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          iPhone 4 Solution

          You could also use the built in Clock app on the iPhone 4 and just create a quick alarm to go off in 2 hours with the subject "Call Ben".