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Handling email - is it one actions or two?

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  • Handling email - is it one actions or two?

    I understand the question seems pretty simple, but I started to really kind of wonder how everyone handles it.

    I am writing to a number of employers right now trying to obtain a jobs with their firms. So if I had to go by physical next actions it would be
    - Draft email
    - Review email
    - Send out email.

    Should placing each of these in a context or just using one context (email)?


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    Personally I would have the first 2 in my @computer context and then the final sending action in my @internet context.

    I suppose it is personal choice as to how you want to sort them


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      I think I would just use one action to send email since drafting and reviewing are sort of implied and an integral part of writing any email.


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        Email - One or Two Actions

        For me it really depends on the email. If I am just touching base with a supplier to set up a meeting time for example I put it down as one next action - implied in that NA is that I check my calendar for an appropriate time/date, draft and send.

        If the email is more substantial I may approach it as a project with multiple steps, including planning, ensuring I have all the relevant information, draft, review, geting my boss or co-worker to review, and depending on the content and context I may then incubate it overnight before I send it.

        In the end it depends on the context of the email, and whether it is in fact just a NA or a project in itself.


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          One at a time

          You describe three distinct steps in the process, but they are interdependent, so at any point in time, you would only have 1 of these items on your action list; it does not make sense to have 'Review important email draft' as an NA when the draft doesnot exist yet.

          You start with putting 'Draft email on ...' on you NA list. When you get to that action and it is finished, you have the choice to
          • stop working on the mail. You then put 'Review email on...' on you NA list.
          • review the email, in which case nothing gets added on your NA list until you stop working on the email and something else needs to be done before the project can be closed. The relevant action then gets recorded on your NA lsit.


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            Thanks everyone - I will handle them as separate actions. As of right now they fall under the project called Job Search so I do have numerous emails that need to be drafted and sent. Make the changes today in my complete review.

            Thanks again.