Any suggestions for tracking preferences of new contacts

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    Hello all,
    I have just started a new position and am establishing new relationships in new networks. I'm not sure how to track things like preferences for all these new people in my life.
    I was thinking that I could track them by adding a page in OneNote in the Agendas section for each person that I want to track and creating an About section that includes information that I want to be reminded of before communicating with them such as, when they are not available for meetings or things that are coming up for them in their personal life that I might want to reference or check-in with.

    I don't have full confidence in this system as I'm not sure that I will remember to review this list before all communication. I imagine that I will not need this information as I gain more experience working with the people I am tracking.

    I'm sharing this to check with this group if anyone else has another way of tracking this kind of information and any suggestions on what triggers I can set in place to remind me to review this information before sending an email or making a phone call.

    Be Well.

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    I store these sorts of details in the contact's notes in my address book.

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