Are the "next actions" smth like subparagraphs of the plan?


Hello, everyone! New here!

One question came up as I was trying to find out how to apply the GTD technique in my daily life. I make a project plan and then I describe the next actions, which I do in a few days. Are the next actions smth like "sub-items" of the plan? I'll use an example:
Project: take the HSK (Level II) exam
1) to see what is needed to pass the exam
2) dial the vocabulary in ~300 words
3) try to pass Level 1 online
4) profit!
Next actions:
1) check the exam information
2) to watch videos of people who have already taken

Are these two paragraphs the parallel sub-items of the "1) to see what is needed to pass the exam" phase of the plan? Or should I add there that first phase without anything else? How can I add the next steps?


I have trouble with the example, because to me, if you don't know what is needed to pass the exam, you really can't write a plan. Now, for me, the inability to write a plan is fine, because I rarely do write a project plan. How would you feel about coming up with another sample project? Two sample projects might make your strategy easier to follow.

For me, for most projects, I have the project goal, and then I have one next action. When it's done, I add another next action.

René Lie

Hi and welcome!

I would adviced you to read (or re-read) chapter 3 of the GTD book, and try to outline your project using the Natural Planning Model. When you're done with that, you will end up with next actions to park on your context lists as appropriate!