Are you dripping stress?

Dave Edwards

Great article, Kelly.

While I believe that email has improved our lives and allows us to process more and faster, it is unfortunate that we all adopted the habit of checking our email multiple times per hour.


Chief Experience Officer, UK Based
"Many people have gotten into the habit of doing this at night and weekends with their work email, convincing themselves a “quick check” is harmless. They open the email, digest it, close it, and leave it in the inbox—but their mind stays hooked into that unclarified email, which won’t get resolved until a decision is made about what it is and what you want to do about it"

If only a lot of my colleagues would read & understand this...I still have nightmares when I see hundreds unread and thousands left languishing in inboxes. Some just simply cannot cope with the flood of incoming messages and overwhelm about what to do, can be all encompassing. Disconnecting and not realising that you have to "always be available" is so important.

Great article.