David Allen's Software Drawings

John Forrister

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We've posted the PDF of David Allen's software drawings from 1994. This is what David had to say about the drawings:
At the GTD Summit I briefly shared a vision of the “ultimate GTD app” which consists of 19 pages of hand-drawn drafts of the screens I would want to use. I just said to myself, “Can I click F1 on my computer and get to a clear head?” I spent two days creating those screens.

Since I drew these, we’ve invested in two serious attempts at producing a software product that would do it (or at least come close). Both ended in a “not yet” conclusion, after tremendous research in the tech and analysis of the market (one in the mid-1990s and the last in the mid-2010s.) Our partners in these enterprises were the best and brightest you could possibly gather to explore this. But the technology required to make some simple GTD practices happen, and the lack of awareness in the marketplace for such a tool, put a kibosh on both endeavors.

So I promised our hundreds of people at the GTD Summit that I would make those screens available to the public. This was originally legally protected IP; but I decided to just make it “open source” now in case any of you out there could make it happen.


Thank you for sharing!

I took this and updated my phone to test out elements of this interface.

Here are the specs:
Galaxy note 9
Launcher: Nova Launcher
List Manager: Todoist
Email/Calendar : Outlook
Reference System: One drive

This was just me mucking around and having a crack at it. Will try to incorporate the other screens later.
Happy to answer whatever questions people might have or to take on feedback/try stuff out. PSX_20190802_001747.jpg PSX_20190802_001243.jpg