Does Anyone Use a Spreadsheet for their Project List(s)?


Dear fellow GTDers, Wondering if anyone uses a Spreadsheet(s) for their Project List(s)? If so, wondering how it continue to meet your satisfaction? Thank you very much.


I am not ... but it has been done before. I mention it when I'm teach GTD at work. But my example is super simple and hasn't been used other than notionally.


If I have a big Project I am collaborating witho thers in, I sumetimes use Spreadsheets to organize the subprojects and next actions in a GTD-like manner (without them knowing... ;)). In these cases I sometimes just have a placeholder in my system under the general project entry, but the subprojects and next actions are not in my system. Of course I have to use this rarely and be careful about not branching out of my system too much.

Josh Mitchell

Hey there, so for my main projects list, I use a tag in OmniFocus.

However for team and client projects, we sometimes will use a tab in a spreadsheet with the desired outcome and next actions listed out in cell format.


I experimented with using a spreadsheet for actions, with the project as a column of the action. I stopped using it for some reason, but it wasn't so bad as to not be worth trying. I think there's a post here, somewhere, with how I set it up.