Excluding task folders from todo panel on outlook


Hi guys,

Small technical question here. I've gone through Kelly's fantastic series on GTD outlook and set up next action, projects, reference and someday maybe in the 'tasks' section of outlook.

I've also added a panel on the main email page quickly showing tasks, so I don't have to dive into the main tasks section all of the time. However I'd like to exclude Reference and someday maybe from this window, as it is really clogging things up.

There is a way to do this in outlook, however it's simply not working for me. Has anyone else experienced this problem? You select the 'In Folder' section form advanced filter settings (there is the option to choose in folder from tasks, notes, email etc. i've tried them all). And none of them make a difference.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and know's how to get it going again?

Thanks all,

John Ismyname

Hi Iannison, I am pretty good on Outlook, I have my own way of doing GTD on Outlook and have never seen the official GTD Outlook guide. In case you didn't know, the ToDo list is a composite of the other Task lists. I was never able to get the "In Folder" in Filters > Advanced to work. It just does not do anything!