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Greeting from a cold snowy winter day here in Ontario, Canada. Have been considering this for 2022 as a paper based organizer but have yet to complete the transaction. I would be interested in comments from those using this organizer; both new to it and from longer term users. Pros, cons, etc... what do you like, don't like, wish there was... etc. all comments welcomed. Have noticed there is no option to purchase as A5 format nor option to purchase pre-printed. For point of reference, I have used Day-timers many years ago... more recently just a calendar and blank spiral notebook. Thanks in advance for your input.

David Leitner

I really like the paper organizer. Not the fastest to use but for me that is good since I get overwhelmed. I don't use the calendar or the contacts pages since those are digital components in my system.


Greetings from a humid subtropical summer day here in Brisbane Australia. I've just switched my projects and project support, and action lists over from Microsoft To Do into the 2022 GTD Organizer. I'm in the process of of migrating someday/maybe but I'm happy for that to be in two places for now.

Reference is still in To Do and OneNote. Calendar is still digital also.

I am using Adobe Acrobat DC Standard but am on the lookout for a cheaper option with the necessary PDF editing capabilities. I work in the PDF and print it out to take with me, then update the paper by hand, day to day.

I am loving the learning experience of getting to grips with a tool that has been designed by the David Allen Co for exactly the purpose I'm using it for. It's like a refresher course in GTD fundamentals.

Plus because I am migrating everything over I am having to look carefully and with fresh eyes at everything in my week to week system. I've deleted or deactivated some projects and actions, and have simplified my set up while keeping some of my customisations from To Do.

I've also been yearning to give paper a go for some time.

It's not my first time using paper but it is the first time in many years. And first time since doing some GTD training courses.


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