How to add a project on Todoist fast


What is the best way to add a GTD project in Todoist? Normally on todoist, I can create a new project while creating a task or editing a task by putting # and then name of project like in my screenshot but this works only for project names that are not having any space

However GTD recommends elaborate project names like "Have a great vacation in October with family" - which is hard to do, now i need to scroll down my GTD Projects list and add at the end by using a few scrolls and a few mouse clicks. Any easier way?



John Forrister

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Hi @dowjones7 and welcome.

I'm replying only about the theory, rather than the Todoist how-to.

Many of my projects have short names. Two words can do it, minimum of a subject and verb. I prefer past tense, to describe what "done" is for the project. But you can also do present tense. To use your vacation example, I would have something like this on my Projects list:
Vacation enjoyed
Enjoy vacation

If you prefer, it's fine to add more modifiers such as:
in October
with my family
in Hawaii
on Maui
at the Grand Wailea Hotel on Maui
in an ocean view room

So the project name can be super simple. Where elaborate might come in (but is not required) is in project planning or support materials. For example, in David Allen's Natural Planning Model, the second step is defining what it would look like if the project were totally successful.
"I enjoy a fabulous vacation with my family in October, luxuriating at the Grand Wailea on Maui in an ocean view room, our basecamp from which we enjoy the beach, golf, see the sun rise from majestic Haleakala before a thrilling bike ride back down, and then all return home rested, relaxed, and closer than ever before."