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I recently changed positions and I'm working from home whenever I'm not traveling and I find it VERY different from working at home 1-3 days a week.

In the conversation between Steve and David (starting #5 @ approx 3:14, meat at 6:10), David mentions "mindmapping and doing some creative thinking about your work space" at home.

I am VERY interested in what others may have done along these lines, maybe share some mindmaps, specific gear that works for you, etc..

I have not yet mindmapped this space, but I've recently made the commitment to invest in it (after I get back from a 3 week vacation and a trip to IKEA). I currently use:
2 7' high, 3' wide bookshelves
1 Macbook pro laptop with 19" second monitor, wireless keyboard, mouse and wacom tablet
1 Tower running multiple VMs for experimenting and serving up files
1 Dell laptop often parked in its bag, but used for specific work purposes
L-shaped desk facing 2 windows with wood blinds
Desk file drawer with tickler file, office supplies, additional folders
PT-2700 desktop labeler hooked up to my macbook
Time zone clock with 9 zones represented (I do a lot of global work)
1 File cabinet with hanging folders holding a hutch behind me for project support files
1 4 drawer black metal file cabinet with manila folder GTD-setup directly to my left (I'm somewhat ambidextrous, write with my left, mouse with my right)
1. CD/DVD case+ Small bookshelf within scoot distance with common reference books and archived electronic media.
1 file holder with current plastic traveling folders

I would LOVE to redesign, get more life and light, more "rolling" elements to alter the workspace, etc.. I'm also thinking of moving some stuff out (do I really need all those books right there?) and replacing them with plants and maybe a water feature for nice ambient noise, putting a "creative desk" up in the "owner's retreat" off our master bedroom for gettiing away from "processing and phones" to weekly review/mindmapping/creative work (VERY important for my job), but I'm really looking for others that have already done this, are experienced the WAH lifestyle, etc..

What's in your home office?


One of my next actions right now is to Mind Map the next office, since my home-office needs an emergency change...

I will post mine when ready but will love to get other people ideas in this topic.

Mike.Sale said:
Time zone clock with 9 zones represented (I do a lot of global work)

Thats my job too, so can you give me more clue in wich clock you use...



Timezone Clock...

It is a "Karlsson" that I found at Target.

I also use OS X widgets for remote work with multiple clocks for the TZs I work with most frequently.

There's also a number of important URLs I use that you might find very useful:

With that site's time section home at:

I also find this very useful making international calls, especially those outside the US where I'm not always sure how to properly dial out:




Well here is the preliminary version of my Mind map... I hope it gives you some ideas, and please share...

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