Looking for GTD app/sw advice



I am new to the GTD world and I am seeking advice on the app or software that would fit my need. Basically, I currently have several multi-project documents, each with two sections: a to-do list (with tasks and sub-tasks) ordered by importance/priority + notes about each project. What I need is to bring them all together in a software/app that allow me to build a list of to-do items for each list + notes about what I get done or meetings I have about the project in one place (critical) and then pull all the high priority items and show them to me in the “today” or “this week” screen (also critical).

See below for what I need (or do not need).

Three major projects categories (identifiable, e.g., color-coded)
Multiple projects within each category
Multiple tasks and sub-tasks within each project (sometimes dozens of tasks and sub-tasks within them)
Prioritize projects (1-5)
Prioritize tasks & sub-tasks (1-5)
- One of the sub-tasks might have a higher priority than the overall task
Assign deadlines to each project and task
Daily and weekly view pulling out/showing projects, tasks, & sub-tasks with the highest priority (1) & within a week of the due date
- Ideally, I would be able to broaden the view by including also items at priority 2, 3, etc.
Link notes (with dates) to each project (e.g., meeting minutes)
Archive all items that get done
Desktop-based (will run from my laptop)

Would be nice
Assign time needed to complete each task
Online access/synch capability with my iPhone

Not needed
Accessibility to others/team

Thanks in advance for any advice!


You don’t mention platform except for iPhone, but you can probably do all that in Todoist. Frankly, I don’t recommend going into GTD with this kind of spec list, as it generally impedes progress. As Ivanjay25 asks “Are you looking to follow GTD?” The GTD book is a great place to start, and there are lots of resources here too.


Sounds more like a basic Project Management application?
I have used:
Plan for Windows


Hi, thanks for the advice!

The platform is Windows, sorry - iPhone is only for when I am on the go.

I have tried some PM apps in the past but never found one that would find all my needs to continuously capture tasks, place them in the respective projects (dozens) with a specific priority and have them bubble up in a central location/screen depending on the priority I would assign them.
GTD seems like a good way to capture what I have been doing so far in keeping track and planning my activities, so this is why I came to this community with my question, but I am also open to other PM solutions if they would fit my needs as described in the initial post.

Thanks again for any feedback you could provide.

OF user

I don't want to sound negative but your app wish list is excessive in terms of what is needed for GTD. For learning GTD, I would start with paper. Get used to processing and organizing into lists and reviewing lists for for future engagement. If you are truly opposed to using an analog system then try Microsoft to do. This is great because you will get used to a relatively simple list manager that still has some neat features that you will appreciate. Outlook would be fine as well but it requires a bit of setup to get started. A lot of things you mention in your wish list are distractions that never quite work the way you expect and detract from your GTD practice. They are best left for experienced GTDers. I would also recommend the setup guide for what you choose although I don't think there is yet one for Microsoft ToDo.