Maggie Weiss on Curating Our Stuff

John Forrister

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After watching this I was looking for a brief bio on Maggie Weiss. I like her position description on LinkedIn:

Design Strategist, David Allen Company 2011-14

Here is her bio that was used for the GTD Summit.

Maggie Weiss
Catalyst for sustainable change

Maggie embodies a lifetime passion for supporting people to live and work joyfully and powerfully together. With a 40-year career of consulting and strategic design where each can contribute new ideas, principles, and perspectives that become integral and dynamic in an organization’s DNA and offers in the market place.

Within this context, Maggie’s work focuses on clarifying and designing an organization of accountability and relationship. She dives into an entity’s understanding of both the formal and informal agreements which frame how the organization actually works in a results-oriented culture. Her work has spanned from Fortune 100 companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, non-profit organizations, governments, multilateral bodies such as the United Nations, grassroots organizations, and many others.


Thanks John. That's a fascinating bio and also helps illustrate how this particular person came to be in that key role at David Allen Company, a role I'd never considered before.