New live webinar: Playing in the Higher Horizons

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Hi GTD Connect members,

We've got a new webinar scheduled for you, and it's all about the higher horizons. How clear are your priorities at the higher levels of your work and personal life? In this interactive webinar, Senior Coaches Meg Edwards and Kelly Forrister will guide you through capturing what has your attention at the higher horizons of goals, vision, and purpose.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 10:00–11:30AM PST

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Sigh....I will be traveling that day, so I will miss the live show yet again. I look forward to the recording!

Dave John

Along with my original reading of the first book, this seminar was probably the most awesome and illuminating GTD experience I have had.

I may be wrong, but I think GTD is generally tilted towards established operations and roles, (even though the meaning and use of the higher levels are very well described).

In my case, my professional work and its demands are pretty accurately defined, and the lower altitudes of GTD are excellent for carving through it. But I think it’s in the personal sphere that the real living is done. This is where life really will pass us by if we don’t live it.

A “normal” mind sweep will throw up a lot of in-your-face items like get cat food, car repair, book holiday etc. But after that, as David Allen says, pay attention to what has your attention. For me, after the “housekeeping” effect of a regular mind sweep, the gentle background nagging dissatisfactions of life became clearer. It creates the need for a higher altitude mind sweep. You start to see the shape of your whole life from the inside.

Kelly and Meg spent time on Areas of Focus in this seminar. I would go as far as saying that your personal areas of focus are actually Who You Are. Aside from the dutiful roles of parent, sibling, son etc I have added Writer, Student, Musician, Athlete, Traveller and others. I will never become famous in any of these, nor will I even quit my job to work at any of these full time, but it is very meaningful to me to spend time there.

In this seminar Kelly’s explanation of the difference between a project and a goal was like a light going on.

Meg’s advice on where to position personal character aspirations was a question I have been trying to answer for myself for about 10 years.

I think it was also in this seminar that Kelly said that when you are planning a new item at a higher level you should start with the natural planning model rather than just go straight for the next action.

Meg also mentioned that you could define a life purpose at the highest level for each area of focus, (rather than just one single overall life purpose) which is something I had been thinking about for quite a while.

The seminar shone a spotlight on all the neglected parts of my personal life that should mean so much to me. A life changing experience in fact.

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Kelly Forrister | GTD expert
Wow @Dave John. How cool to hear how much you got out of this! Thanks for sharing. Affirms for me that these more advanced webinars are on track for you guys.

Marília A

I like this webinar so much that I listened to it again yesterday, and it was a great experience. (Kelly, Meg ♥️) At some point Kelly and Meg mention a book, I guess it was "Die and see", I was curious about it, but could not find it on the internet... maybe that is not the exact title? Do you remember the author or something? Thank you! Take Care.