UK A4 based review of Folders

Hi Stodge asked for a UK based review of the folders. I got them about a week ago and I really like them.

I don't have any problems with the size. A4 paper fits just and anything bigger is usually stronger (envelopes etc) and so it doesn't matter if they stick out of each side.

They are seperate and so you only need to carry the ones you need that day.

They fit nicely into my laptop bag or briefcase and the plastic folder they come with is useful for keeping them together in a bigger bag. I have also found a larger, more sturdy container around the house to keep them in if I have a lot of material in them.

The labled ones are just what I need and I have been alternating the unlabeled ones between uses depending on what I am doing that day.
e.g. I am a trainer and so I put my materials, timetable etc for each day in a seperate folder.

The quality is excellent





Thanks for the mini review. I'm not sure i'd order them specially since with the postage it will nearly double the price but I will probably get some the next time I get some refills for my notetaker wallet.




Avail at Chicago?

StephenMeyer said:
Ah, life as an early adopter. :grin:

Well, this thread has convinced me I want some.... But not so thrilled with paying the FedEx ground shipping! Any chance these will be available at the Chicago Roadmap if I can make it to the drinks?

Lisa, is there a secret handshake?



I have just bought my second and third sets, one for me and one for my fella. He is not GTDed up (yet) I have sent him off on a business trip with the red IN folder and told him to stuff everything in there. Lesson 2, Process will come tomorrow.

The second set for me is to separate my work stuff somewhat. I will still be able to combine them when required.

They work fine with A4 and fit nicely into my smallish laptop bag.



Stodge said:
Are these folders really that great?

I'm a great fan of GTD and have bought both books, the Outlook white paper and the notetaker wallet from davidco. However, I currently use plastic wallets as my folders all neatly labelled with my Brother labeller.

Can anyone who has these travelling folders convince me to buy them as well?

please bear in mind that i'd probably by a David Allen branded toaster if the book contained an @toaster context! :)


I have the double-sided, sealed-edge Briefcase Folders from Levenger (http://tinyurl.com/y84gb8), which are just terrific and so-far indestructible. Nothing falls out of them and you can carry them alone with. I use them for Inbox/Outbox, Travel, Read/Review, Recipts/Expenses, etc. Pricy, but very durable and aesthetically pleasing. The Recipt folders (http://tinyurl.com/u2pbc) are good for...recipts and small bits of paper.

Cheers, David.


Bugger! (A4)

rknapp said:
My trusty printer interface says A4 is 210 mm x 297 mm.

The folder measures 230 mm x 296 mm...
I just ordered my folders in the hope they'd work out OK. If it was only 10mm longer, it'd be suitable for both A4 and Letter. I'll give them a shot, but they might turn out to be a write-off.