paper system - agenda layout tips

Oh boy I'm super late on this one :p I think I may know where the file is, so when I'm home I'll check there. For now, I've found photos of the pages in use. This is what the layout looked like:

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I **think** I know where the file is, so I truly do promise that this time, tonight, I'll look and see. If it's not there, and you're still interested, it'll only take me maybe half an hour to recreate it. I can put blank spots where the hours are, too, in case 8-8 doesn't work for you :) Just let me know!

I built myself a PC and regrettably changed to Windows ;) the new Apple chips in Macs unfortunately make the entire platform unusable for me, so I sadly had to leave the OS behind.

I do still use Trello, but I'll be honest... COVID hit and Trello fell apart at my workplace. We were completely closed for over a month last summer, and it was during that time that our Business Class ran out... and the auto-renew had been disabled at some point so we were reverted back to a free organization, had scores of boards closed that we had to re-open manually once we'd paid again... we've honestly still not gotten back to the adoption level we'd had at the time. When it really mattered, Trello wasn't there for us, unfortunately.
Good to hear from you @chirmer Sorry to hear about the struggles at work. COVID sucks for sure on so many fronts. Disappointing that Trello wasn't there for you.