Plastic folders


I wondered if anyone can tell me where to buy similar product in the uk to the davidco plastic folders - the shipping is almost double the cost of the folders :(
I can't seem to find anything.....

David Parker

GTD Connect
I recently spoke with John Forrister about getting a distributor in the UK (or at least in Europe) for the GTD gear especially with David's move and general push into Europe.

Apparently it has been on a Next Action list with their European franchisees for a while (more of a Someday/Maybe) but I have "encouraged" them to move it forward!

In the past I have just made sure I have ordered sufficient quantity from the States to make the shipping more manageable.

The only ones that could fit the bill are these - Smead Waterproof Poly 1/3-Cut Top Tab File Folders

I haven't tried them but the fact that they're waterproof makes me think they would be very similar to the GTD ones. If you do try them then let me know (and others in the UK) whether they fit the bill.



I found plastic folders in a staples store - assume they have on their website, worth checking out. These folders did not slide as much as the DAC folders and work great.


Thanks guys - I eventually ordered some SMEAD ones, which are letter sized but apparently work fine for A4 documents. I haven't actually used them yet but will be unpacking them soon and will let you know how I get on!

Andrew Hunt

Hi All, they don't seem to be available at Staples in UK now. Have no problem finding tabbed manilla folders but plastic/poly ones not in UK. Next Action have the system folders for DAC now (in A4 too) but not general filing ones. this has been a problem for years but not sure if this is progress or not

Josh Mitchell

Hey friends,

I have found that the Staples “heavyweight” plastic folders are very similar in quality to the DAC folders. The SMEAD folders were not very thick and did not hold up for me as well as the DAC folders, until I found the Staples, which I can’t tell the difference.

Has anyone found another comparable plastic file folder in terms of durability and thickness?