Post DC Roadmap Question - Tracking Notes


As I process my notes from the DC roadmap, I realize one question that I had jotted down in passing which I forgot to ask David...

I can see the value of keeping lots of notes (in the sense of Lotus notes / Outlook notes etc), but I think it was David Gardner who commented that he had maybe 2,000 of these notes. I think David has a lot too.

So my question is - how do you keep track of this many notes - not so much in an organizational sense - but in a sense of remembering that you have a note on X when you would want to retrieve it.

Maybe David A or David G could comment if they have time (or anyone else who works off a system like this).




EverNote Plus

I started using EverNote Plus recently. It's a great application that is very functional. It's the place I now keep all those notes that didn't fit anyplace else.


askSam by askSam Systems. Flexible, powerful text-based searchable database system, that allows both free form text and defined fields, and allows attachements (pdf documents, for example).

Many library experts and researchers use this software.

Very, very good. I have no affliation, just an end user for many years.

Richard George


Thanks for the ideas re: software.

But maybe I am not explaining myself that clearly. I am not really talking about search and retrieval on a computer. More - how do you "remember" that you even created a note on a certain thing that you should go and look it up. Does this require you to remember such things and keep them in your "psychic RAM"?



Google Desktop

I use Outlook notes and keep the old notes that are to be archived in a folder of their own (i.e. I have a folder called "Notes Archive" and it contains about 500 notes).

I then use Google Desktop to search them - I've given up trying to put them in any sort of taxonomy.

Hope that helps - J.

P.S. If you then want to search for notes alone - you can select the "advanced search" link and you can specify type "Other" - then "Notes" and you can filter by text, date etc.


I review my notes thoroughly about every 30 days. O fcourse, I have some notea that I use regularly and these stay fresh in my mind because of constant use.

Just do a regular review/scan to stay fresh on their content and that should help.