Project management teleseminar


How smart can you think?
One of DA's first thoughts...
Do you have time to think?
How do you create your time to think in your project management world?


Stages and natural planning

Notes from the seminar
Stage 1
What is the cause/intent/purpose?
What values extend from these?
Stage 2
What is the vision of success? What does it look like when it is done well?
What does achievement look like?
Stage 3
What is the difference between achievement and reality?
How do we achieve this?
Collecting of things that have attention
Stage 4
Sorting and organizing ideas
- Based on priority
- Based on sequence
- Based on logical order
- Based on components
Organization is not something that you have any choice about...
Stage 5
Allocation of resources
- What is the next action?
- What is the purpose of this project?

Lisa Peake

Mindmap of Manaing Projects teleseminar

I also wanted to share my notes from the teleseminar last week, which I did in a mind map format. If you don't have Mind Manager, you can download a free viewer from their website.

I would love any input you have about this map. Anything I missed that you caught? It did wonders for my thinking to have all these ideas externalized outside my head in a visual format.

What did other people think of the call/replay?

Now I'm off to apply this to one of my major projects!


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After listening to this excellent podcast/teleseminar, I decided to take a stab at revising Randi Fullhart's project planning sheet to incorporate many of the questions poised in David's natural planning model template, and in Dave Lakhani's Power of an Hour "Achievement Action Plan." The results are in template format, and in a basic list (I copy/paste this into the Notes field in my Outlook master project task when launching new projects).

The two files may be downloaded from this page:



Lisa's Mindmap of Managing Projects teleseminar


The Mindmap looks great! Did you complete that in one listen to the teleseminar? It is very detailed. I asked the first question on the Q&A and found your summary of David's answer valuable.

One thing David mentioned that didn't make it on your map was that in days past he used to have a Step zero of the Natural Planning model called "What is the current reality".

It would be interesting to see the checklist of questions that David might ask to find the answer. Do you know if there is anything available?



all better now...

TesTeq;46273 said:
When you try to downoload any of these files there is only an error message: "The page cannot be found" :-(

Thanks! It should be fixed now...


Lisa Peake

Step Zero

Hi Case!

Glad you liked the map. I did it while listening to the call, and then afterwards I moved the branches around in a way that made sense to me both chronologically and based on topics. I love that part of the process- the initial mapping is much like a mind dump. The cleanup phase (editing) is where the real magic happens, and associations begin to make more sense.

Anyhow, to answer your question about a step zero of the NPM- I checked with David and he doesn't have a checklist yet, but he's adding it to his list of possible things to contribute to Connect. Thanks for the feedback!


cc2794;46270 said:
It would be interesting to see the checklist of questions that David might ask to find the answer. Do you know if there is anything available?