Research on handedness and procrastination

John Forrister

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This post is somewhat tangential to GTD, but it does involve procrastination and perfectionism. I received an email from a high school student who is doing a research paper. She asked if there were a way to let the GTD community know, in hopes that some might want to do the survey on a possible connection between whether a person is right- or left-handed and tendency to procrastinate. Here's the information on the survey. She mentions students, but I confirmed that she's fine with having anyone do the survey.

I am in 10th grade and I am a student attending Edward R. Murrow High School. I'm doing a research paper on handedness and procrastination to see how they correlate to one another. I had chosen this topic because I felt that I could personally relate to it and I would like to get other students' perspectives on the matter at hand. It'd be greatly appreciated to receive any support that I can get. The following link to the survey that I had made is located below: