Another great part of GTD|Connect (which already is a robust set of inter-Connect-ed pieces of the same puzzle, each interesting in its own right, not just repetition). Lots of promise here, and a great start for relative newbies to GTD and those more experienced who may be tempted to or suffering from overcompliating their system with technology and automation. Some good cautions here, if that describes you. This element of Connect foreshadows both the best in technology and the elegance of simplicity in its relationship to GTD. And fromt his initial installment some useful pointers to other GTD communities on the web. What did you think of this first interview with Marc?


Looking forward to more TechGTD

I'm definitely looking forward to more TechGTD. (I noticed in the introductory video, it was called "GeekTD, which I thought was clever.) Every once in a while, it's FUN to get wrapped around the axles of gadgets and software that helps streamline your system... but the danger is going down that rabbit hole too often or for too long. It's very easy to lose a week trying to save a few minutes. :)