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Kelly Forrister | GTD® Coach
I posted an article in Coaches' Connection that give a quick summary of some of the tools the DAC coaches use. I specifically asked them to share about:

  • List Manager
  • Calendar
  • Email
  • Digital Reference
  • Mobile Devices

I didn't list mine in the article, but they are:

List Manager:
Lotus Notes w/eProductivity for work, Evernote for personal

Lotus Notes for work, iCal for personal

Lotus Notes for work, iCloud for personal

Digital Reference:
Lotus Notes, DropBox, Documents for work and Evernote and Documents for personal

Mobile Devices:
Nothing for work, iPhone and iPad for personal

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What are yours?


Interesting thread!

List manager - OmniFocus
Calendar - BusyCal
Email - Postbox (most accounts) & Mailplane/Gmail (forum emails threaded)
Digital Reference - Dropbox
Mobile Devices - iPhone, iPad Mini



Yes, interesting.

For me, business and personal is all the same and all together:

List manager: Omnifocus on the iPad and iPhone (yes, really)
Calendar: Outlook
Email: Outlook
Digital Reference: Evernote (all of my checklists are here, as well as in Omnifocus); I keep all types of reference in Evernote
Mobile Devices: iPad Mini, iPhone, and iPad 2 (mainly for consumption)

OF user

OF user is currently not using OF...

List Manager:

Outlook for work, iCal for personal

Outlook for work, gmail for personal

Digital Reference:
Evernote, Devon Think, Dropbox

Mobile Devices:
iPhone and iPad for personal and work


My Tools

List Manager:
Excel Spreadsheet for work, Evernote for personal

Outlook for work, iCal for personal

Outlook for work, iCloud for personal

Digital Reference:
DropBox and Evernote

Mobile Devices:
Nothing for work, iPhone and iPad for personal

Michael in Tennessee


kelstarrising;107779 said:
  • List Manager
  • Calendar
  • Email
  • Digital Reference
  • Mobile Devices

What are yours?

List Manager - Omnifocus
Calendar - iCal
Email - Apple Mail
Digital Reference - DEVONThink
MObile Devices - iPhone, iPad and Notetaker wallet


Professional and personal.

My tools:
- @Work - Lotus Notes & internal file sharing servers for reference materials.
- @Home - Gmail, paper, iPhone.

I think these lists of tools used by GTD Coaches and GTD Connect members contain one additional, very important tip:

Most of us - working for "external" organizations - use GTD system divided into two parts: professional and personal.


List Manager - Paper
Calendar - Outlook/Filofax
Email - Outlook/Hotmail
Digital Reference - OneNote
Mobile Devices - Notetaker wallet / Filofax

Paper where possible for me! ;)


List Manager: Things (yes, I know- it did me wrong not long ago)
Calendar: OS X Calendar with Fantastical
Email: OS X mail
Digital Reference: Evernote and Simplenote
Mobile Devices: iPhone and iPad

and of course everyone needs a reliable backup service:

Backup service: US government


Here’s my list today:

• List Manager – Bonsai (Palm and Windows) / Palm Memos
• Calendar – Palm Desktop (all) / Outlook (work)
• Email – Gmail (personal) / Outlook (work)
• Digital Reference – Google Drive / Starting to play with Evernote (Android and Windows)
• Mobile Devices – Palm T|3 / Palm TX / KD Stephens Executive Folio

Yes, I am one of the last remaining Palm PDA users left. I have used them for years and love the stability and ability to sync with my personal and professional computers as well as the desktop companions I have found. Unfortunately I recently learned that the Palm calendar only goes out to 2031 so it’s time to start thinking about the migration to something more current. I got a 7” Samsung tablet for Christmas so that’s the direction I’m leaning toward. Here is what I think the list will look like in another 12 – 24 months:

• List Manager – Bonsai (Windows) / Outliner (Android) / Evernote (Windows)
• Calendar – Pimlical (Windows and Android) (all) / Outlook (work)
• Email – Gmail (personal) / Outlook (work)
• Digital Reference – Evernote (Android and Windows)
• Mobile Devices – Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" Tablet (8GB internal + 32GB micro SD card) / KD Stephens Executive Folio / NoteTaker wallet (on it's way!)



Interesting to see everyone's takes on different tools.

  • List Manager: Evernote
  • Calendar: Outlook
  • Email: Outlook (work), Yahoo & iCloud (personal)
  • Digital Reference: Dropbox (personal), My Cubby (work), Evernote (both)
  • Mobile Devices: iPhone, iPad



My current tools:
• List Manager – Outlook Tasks @work / Evernote for personal (in transition from work system)
• Calendar – Outlook (work/personal) / Gmail and paper planner and wall for shared personal
• Email – Outlook (work) / Gmail (personal)
• Digital Reference – I'm not really sure what this means; I don't think I have "digital reference" - my files are "in" the computer. ;)
• Mobile Devices – Blackberry (work issue) / iPad mini (personal) / Notetaker wallet



ha ha

funny that OF user doesn't use OF
hilarious that US government is a viable backup service now. they certainly have everything...

List manager - Evernote
Calendar - Google Calendar
Email - Gmail
Digital Reference - Google Drive (core - work & personal), Evernote (research, checklists, articles), Dropbox (family projects share center), (general share center)
Mobile Devices - BlackBerry, iPad


Just Moleskine notebook.

OF user;107806 said:
Anything unique about your paper system or just loose leaf paper?

Just Moleskine notebook for Projects List (and some additional information), Someday Maybe and some non-portable context lists.


What is the restore procedure?

mcogilvie;107797 said:
Backup service: US government

What is the restore procedure? Once upon a time my friend used just one diskette to backup all his data - he was pressing after each prompt to insert a new diskette. There was no way to restore his data...


Tools I use:

List Manager- Omnifocus2 Beta
Email- Gmail
Calendar-Google Calendar
Digital Reference- Evernote, Dropbox
Mobile Devices- iPhone, iPad, Notetaker Wallet


One more perspective on tools ...

List Manager - Outlook tasks (personal and professional)

Calendar - Outlook (personal and professional) - though we use Lotus for work emails, I prefer to transfer data across to Outlook to have all of life in one place from a calendar perspective. Synchs nicely to my Android - and since I travel a bit, nice to have the travel details ready in the notes field of my calendar entries. I often leap from there straight to the GPS function

Emails - Lotus Notes (professional) and Outlook (personal)

Digital Reference - combination of Outlook Notes (static and basic but handy to have side by side with the rest of my trusted system in Outlook!), ColorNote (Android), and Word documents

Mobile devices - Blackberry (professional) and Android (personal) ... no tablets for me yet though I keep considering ...