Todoist Issue: Recurring Tasks


Hi Guys!

So I'm attempting to implement GTD on todoist, I have my next action list set up and stuff, however I've run into abit of an issue.

I want to be able to implement a task that I do once a week, such as 'check new food recipes', with no specific day in mind - just that I do it once a week. The simplest thing is to just schedule it as reoccuring for any day and I change that as need...but my next action filter query only includes tasks due:today or no date. This filter query is so that I'm only dealing with what's relevant for today. So the problem is if I have the desired recurring task on another day, I won't be able to find it on my next actions list to DECIDE whether I want to do it today or not.

I ideally want to be free to do it any day, but to be able to tick it off for the week when I do it. Is there a way to get around this problem?

If my explanation is confusing feel free to ask me to clarify :)


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This is how I handle this situation as a Todoist user.

Say... say I have a plant that I want to water once/week. I might put a weekly recurring reminder on my Google Calendar on Sunday, "Activate a task to water the plant this week."

Then, I'll add that task to a Next Actions list in Todoist.

As part of this system, I consider due dates that I put into Todoist as hard absolutely have to do due dates.