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Hi! Trying to get started with Todoist I have a problem creating a new project directly from the inbox. It has to be possible to just create a new project when processing an item from the inbox? Any tips here? Thanks!!

Chris Austin

If you click the icon to move your task into a project and the project doesn't exist, you can start typing the name of the new project and it will give you the option to create a project with that name you just typed. Note: This is for the web doesn't work on Windows that I can see and not sure about IOS version. I think the Web version is better than the current Windows version anyway.1604028540210.png


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Thanks a lot Chris! I forgot to sat that it is in the iOS I don’t get it to work. I have now got so far that when I choose ”edit task” I can click in ”inbox” where the task is lokated at first. I can scroll all the wat down to ”add new project” but when I write a new project name and click on ”save” the title of the new project always becomes ”not set”. I think this might be a bug in the iOS app. Any suggestions to get around this? I have logged out and restarted the app...


With the "quick add" task entry tool, you can create a new project just by typing the # symbol, and then writing the project name. The only catch is that you can't use spaces, but that's something you can easily live with if you want speed.

E.g. If I've identified a next action "check under stairs for tape measure" as part of the project "install bigger fridge", then I would type it into the todoist quick-add box thus:

check under stairs for tape measure #install-bigger-fridge

This allows you to create the project on the fly, without even needing to click anything.

If you're using labels for contexts, then you're really off to the races, because you can also type them:

check under stairs for tape measure #install-bigger-fridge @home
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If you are a visual person, you might prefer to see your project content as a board in Todoist. Instead of viewing sections vertically they appear horizontally. Which is good if you like to drag tasks from a column to an other. In my case, the first left column is always next action (can only have one in there - very practical to spot during weekly review). Second column is call “Backlog”, that’s where I dump possible project future tasks that may or may not become a next action. Then next one is “WIP” (Work in progress) and finally last one is “WF”, I drag and drop in that column all my delegated elements.