Todoist vs. Nozbe


Hello! I've been a user of Todoist for a bit now but I've been trying out Nozbe. I feel like I can do in Todoist about everything I can do in Nozbe -- so am I missing something? The cost of Todoist is less than Nozbe so I'm trying to see if I'm missing something to justify the cost. Thanks!


Nozbe is more reliable, consistent across platforms, good set of basic integrations.

I like the flat structure, less mental space needed, no subtasks. With that in mind there’s two on the market Things3 or Nozbe - if you need cross platform or attachments or collaboration then it’s Nozbe.

Nozbe personal is the better app, imho, over Todoist just needs some more development. Apparently Michael CEO of Nozbe has promised so more updates this year so fingers crossed it stays in development.

I actually use both Things3 & Nozbe - research and general. Nozbe’s my main one.

Todoist (free) for some IFTTT kind of stuff.

I‘d say the bullet proof reliability and customer service is worth the extra few bucks a month.
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