Top Features you look for in Product or Tool based on your role


I have just now gotten back to the community after being away for some 15 years. I used to have the original Outlook Addin. I am in the process of re-educating myself on GTD and was looking for feedback on what is the most important features to you based on your role and how you use the tool for GTD. In my past, I had used it when I was doing IT & Software consulting mainly to manage my inbox. As I moved into a Program Manager role, it was more about organizing the teams and the work.

If you could rank the feature based on importance, that would help me to identify the right tool(s). I really appreciate any help you can provide. Here's mine! What am I missing?

Role: Director of Technology
  1. Easy to use and intuitive
  2. Integration with other tools (Outlook, Slack, MS Teams)
  3. Extensive Rule Capabilities


My personal belief is that extensive rule capabilities often leads to problems, and almost always leads to fiddling. The user experience is important to me. I appreciate apps that integrate in standard, well-defined ways, which is not always (ever?) the norm in the Microsoft world. But most of these issues are not important compared to David Allen’s flu test: if you can’t or won’t use your system when you have the flu, it’s not good enough.