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I for one enjoy the Up Close section, David. It provides a way for me to "Connect" with who you are and what you are up to. There's value to finding out "Hey, there's actually a living, breathing guy behind this thing thats dealing with the same issues we all deal with, and more!" Having a face and feelings behind the name is a powerful motivator. I'm hoping to meet you at the Boston Roadmap seminar in March and its nice to know a little about who you really are. Its certainly not boring to me and hopefully not to others here. Only problem is you make us Easterners want to up and move to the warmer climate and beautiful surroundings out there on the left coast!

Thanks for sharing your life in Up Close. Hope you will keep it up!

Sally Guenette


GTD Connect
I like the idea of a more intimate blog...

Sally, thanks for the comments. I've always loved the idea of being open, sharing what's up, and leveraging the value of hanging with like-minded people somehow connecting together with common values and goals and lifestyles. The open blog world turned out to be a little too raw for me, given what I had to put up with from the rather large public it was presented to, and the resulting communications I had to deal with. So, I'm trying this out as a format to maintain the experience of the salon kind of venue I personally love. We'll see. At least with the gate of Connect membership in place, it's already a lot more fun and easier for me to be free to share what's present for David right now... Thanks. And I invite any of you to jump into the water with me. It would be continually more fun for all of us. - David



One of your strengths is championing the methodology of GTD and not hawking a particular "system" to implement it. Another strength, and what draws me to Connect, is your willingness to give us glimpses into how you use GTD, not in the "ideal" environment, but in the rough-and-tumble of your life and work. Seeing how you use mind maps and Lotus Notes at the Roadmap seminar was very helpful for me. Similarly, the glimpse into your world we get through "Up Close" as well as through the "In Conversation" and "Tech GTD" podcasts has helped me put flesh on the bones of HOW to make GTD real for me.

Seeing your way of working and how other successful GTDers have made it work for them validates that even though I've implemented the system in my own particular way (on paper, with multiple electronic mail "systems" and a split weekly review between work and home) is OK. In fact, the insights gained have allowed me to stop "tinkering" and focus on Getting Things Done, not doing GTD.

I hope you'll continue to share your personal successes (and failures) with the Connect membership. We're all learning together!