What did you think of TechGTD 2?

Lisa Peake

Hi Everyone,

I'm curious to hear what other people got out of The Panel with David, Merlin, Robert and Eric. I am a self-professed geek so I loved hearing this lively chat, to me it was a great combination of intellectuals. Seems to me they stepped back and looked at technology from a higher altitude, while also indulging in "geeking out" about cool new tech toys. It spawned a lot of big picture thoughts in my mind about how our tools shape our process, and vice versa. Very much related to how I've looked at "where does consciousness begin and end?" when we use computers as such an integral part of our lives. It also brought to mind something David has talked about often- once you have a clear objective in mind, the only improvement possible is to become more efficient in moving towards that goal.

These are very top of mind ideas after several days of letting the episode germinate. Perhaps other folks have a different spin on this?



Loved it. I really want more TechGTD. I'm especially interested in the nitty gritty details on how people implement their tech GTD solutions (esp. Marc and Eric). What software do they use? How do they use it? Examples via screenshots and or video like the MindManager webinar would be amazing.



Enjoyed very much the higher-level, perspective shifting discussion. Just the comments about how "Productivity = Method + Tools (+ Attitude?)" were highly useful to me.

I think my expectation is that the TechGTD forum will encompass both higher-level discussion (such as this one) as well as slightly lower level ones around a more focussed topic (e.g. useful tools/methods to make your system portable/virtual, useful tools/methods to adopt using the Natural Planning Model etc.)

But overall, great stuff.


Interesting story but not what I would expekt a Tech talk to be about.

Talking about the actual tools and the use of them is something that I asume most of members would expekt.


I am just now downloading all the audios and listening to some of them. I listended to both TechGTD episodes and was left wanting much more :) I am very interested in technology but one of my biggest downfalls is thinking that this piece of software or that one will help me implement GTD. I read the book. I wrote things out. I typed them up on index cards to be all "cool" looking. I didn't, however, use any of the tech stuff I put in place and therefore didn't trust my system.

As Brian commented, the "Productivity = Method + Tools (+ Attitude?)" was really eye opening for me. If I don't embrace the entire GTD methodology and change my attitude, it doesn't matter what tool I have cluttering my desk or desktop -- I'm not going to be productive.

I do agree also with mihain -- I want to know more details :mrgreen: I am very interested in hearing more from Robert as I want to get into more programming and learning how to manage tech projects. There are still things that I'm having trouble visualizing how they fit into the system, but I'm determined to work through it :)

Lisa B.


Good, but...

An an avid Apple user I followed up on one of the references in the panel discussion to a way to enhance Entourage. If have GTD Entourage but did not leave well enough alone.:(

After 4 weeks of trying all these new Apple scripts and ways to modify Entourage I was so mixed up it was all I could do to keep up with the technological side....so know I am keeping it simple and return to the basics of GTD Entourage...as the new Quarterly referred to in the last two pages.


Finding the right balance

Agreed, I had the same challenge for a while. I was trying out a number of GTD tools for the Mac out there and this really prevented me from focusing on the GTD method. Instead I was focusing how to use and tweak a certain tool for GTD :???:. After this more "tools focused" time I made the decision to pick one tool and stick with it and focus on the GTD method itself and it made a huge difference for me. As I am a heavy Entourage user I implemented GTD on Entourage using DavidCo's white paper which was very helpful. I did run into a great blog a few weeks ago that writes about GTD and Entourage and offers a number of very helpful scripts to automate some of the tasks. I think Nik http://www.technorati.com/profile/nikjft did a great job keeping it simple, yet automating certain important tasks. I did tweak my Entourage implementation based on Nik's blog and it really does work great for me. I think Nik found the right balance between using automation to improve the usage of Entourage without overdoing it. From my experience so far I can highly recommend taking a look at it.