Wired - Our Favorite Paper Planners for Crossing Tasks off Your List


I have added a tweak to my bullet journaling which has made a BIG difference ... color pencils.

The problem with every paper tracking method is the writing itself ... once you finish the capture you move on.

But if you're a person dealing with lots of distractions, and who isn't, then you're also in a rush to capture.

So when I jot something down I color it ... any color, pick a color scheme, be a little creative ... trick yourself into staying with the thought you just captured.

Colored pencils are cheap and lots of colors ... Crayola ... and at the end of the day I have a sheet with all kinds of colored boxes and shapes instead of a long list of organized scribbles I won't want to review because it's just a mess of text.

Now I also want to save the sheets and flip through them weekly and so because it's easier to see all I accomplished ... there are dozens and dozens of colored boxes that make it interesting.

In other words ... For distracted people... fighting boredom is more important than fighting fear.