Anyone using wiki-styled apps like Notion or Confluence?

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    Hi there!

    I use Evernote and Todoist since I started learning about GTD one year ago. However, I never felt comfortable using Evernote because I'm kind of a visual guy, and Evernote turns out to store everything in an old-fashioned, fragmented way (notebooks, notebook stacks, notes).

    I think our digital stuff doesn't need to be digital A4 sheets stuck in digital folders, notebooks or cabinets. Instead, they could be organized into wiki-styled, hyperlinked websites (like the internet itself).

    This model is more natural to me, since our minds work like networks - always trying to associate ideas, thoughts and data rather than retrieving each one of them separately from a cabinet.

    While dealing with my frustration, I found two interesting apps: Notion ( and Confluence ( I ended up subscribing to Notion.

    Although none of them are specifically made for GTD, both suit well for most GTD concepts. I made a Notion public template for GTD projects (in Portuguese):

    Does anyone here use any wiki-styled apps? If so, which one do you use?
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