1. A

    Examples for gtd

    Hello, I have just started using the gtd method. Im looking for some examples how other people use gtd.
  2. T

    Putting together a trusted system

    I need help I have never been able to put together a trusted system. Paper, digital or hybrid? I look online and I am overwhelmed, initiating this process seems daunting. Does anyone have resources or an easy to follow set up? Something that I would be able to ease myself into? Thanks, Tombo
  3. bcool

    anti failure implementation of GTD

    Hi, I joined a workgroup of people using GTD. I am new to this. I'm not interested in wasting time. The workgroup had 2 groups, 1 for the experts and 1 for the new people. I joined the 2nd group. We had a workshop around the weekly review. Right now I understand that I have to implement...