david allen

  1. PeterByrom

    David Allen Coaching Video Compilation

    Hi all, I while ago I edited together this video, of real life examples of David Allen walking people through the GTD "capture-clarify-organise" process. I added visual aids to it, because for me - starting out with GTD - I always struggled to visualise how one would track projects and actions...
  2. A

    Areas of Focus and References

    Hello everyone i hope you are doing fine! I'm need to migrate my reference system from my personal Dropbox to OneNote/Ondrive in my work account. I have few question for you 1) how do you correlate (if you do at all) areas of focus and references categories 2) do you use single layer of...
  3. thomasbk

    David interviewed on Lifehacker podcast

    He speaks for 20 minutes about starting GTD and gives an overview of the system. He starts 12 minutes in.
  4. TesTeq

    GTD App designed by David Allen himself!

    GTDers who attended the GTD Summit in Amsterdam know it but strangely nobody talks about it. During the Summit @DavidAllen unveiled some of his sketches of the killer GTD app user interface. He promised to show us all the drawings in near future. Isn't it awesome? @Oogiem @Longstreet @mcogilvie...
  5. J

    GTD Recommended Verbs

    Hi there! I have been using GTD Method with Evernote for months now, and I am still struggling to find my way hacking the GTD Method for my day to day living. One of the things I have noticed is the use of appropriate Verbs in determining the Next Physical Visible Actions, which is a...