1. A

    Examples for gtd

    Hello, I have just started using the gtd method. Im looking for some examples how other people use gtd.
  2. rmjb

    I'm bad at Weekly Reviews

    I've been feeling overwhelmed at work so I arranged a work from home day for today, with the goal to get an uninterrupted, high quality weekly review and regain a sense of control. I started at 9:30 am (30 minutes later than I planned) and finished at 4:30 pm, with only a 30 minute break for...
  3. Serenas

    New here :) GTD buddies to get better together

    Hello everyone! I've been happy to discover GTD just this year and I've been immersing myself in videos, podcasts, forums and trying to get better at it. This forum is amazing and I've found very valuable informations to build my system and it's great to hear about questions and supportive...