1. U

    Dealing with a burst of highly meaningful input

    Hi everyone, I recently attended a couple of online science conferences and have come away with many different kinds of inbox items. This includes my own notes, references to papers I might want to read, screenshots of slides with interesting data or graphs and names of people and things I...
  2. Jimhardie74

    Personal Routines/Strategies for getting in Inboxes to ZERO

    Hey guys. David says that he get's his inboxes zero'ed out every 24-48 hours, so that his backlog does not get too large. It would be awesome to have a thread here where everyone can post their own personal methods for getting their inboxes (including email, physical inbox, digital inbox etc)...
  3. @Newbie

    Skipping the inbox, thoughts?

    Hello all, As i have expanded my GTD universe to have all of my lists readily available at all times on my phone I find myself not putting thoughts into the inbox, but instead i put them directly on the list where they 'belong', usually next actions or someday/maybe. Sometimes even projects...