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  1. rmjb

    Benefits of changing tools (for change sake)

    When I started GTD at the end of 2017 I started with a newly released app called Microsoft To-Do. It was early days for that app and it showed. ~6 months later I heard about Nirvana on a podcast and the description made it sound 100% aligned to GTD. I checked it out and quickly migrated to it...
  2. C

    Crossplattform tool office 365 for work and Gmail for private

    Hi! After being in a brutal crunch mode for a couple of months Im looking for a way to get into GTD. Work as a consultant and firmly entrenched in Office 365 (teams and all) and Jira as a tool to drive work for others (Im new to Jira and kanban as well). Personal and private mail is in Gmail...