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  1. A

    Examples for gtd

    Hello, I have just started using the gtd method. Im looking for some examples how other people use gtd.
  2. B B

    Newbie- implementing Google apps for GTD! 3 quick questions :)

    Hi all, I bought, read, and started implementing the google apps for GTD. I'm not completely decided on these three points, can you share your opiniones/experiences? I am undecided as to whether... 1- Tasks is better than Keep for project list. The benefit of Tasks is I can directly link...
  3. B B

    GTD newbie - using google apps but work is on office

    Hello all!! I am very excited for GTD. I am a new mom to 5 month old twins and since going back to work, am collapsing under all the new tasks, responsibilities, and overwhelming ideas. I can't get anything done OR focus on my baby boys lately. I have never been very organized but now its a...
  4. Alex@TypeA

    New Member & Things 3 User

    Hi! Just wanted to say "hello!" to the GTD community - I'm almost done with the book & currently doing an overhaul to convert my life to GTD- it's a lot! Exciting, but also a bit overwhelming at times! And must profess, a bit of nerd when it comes to all this stuff - digital girl, but still...