1. G

    Is there any issue If Mind sweep is done before Physical Gathering in the Collection stage?

    Sorry for editing the actual post. Is there any issue If I decide to do the Mind Sweep before doing the physical gathering in case If I think making Mind Seep will relieve the stress.
  2. G

    Is it Ok to categorize the things while Making Physical Gathering?

    When collecting the stuff from Physical Gathering? Is that ok to categorize, the stuff like On the desktop -- these stuff. Inside the Cabinet --- These Stuff. ---- UPDATE ----- Sorry for the unclear question. When I Referred as "stuff", I meant Notes representing action items. For example...
  3. andyphickman

    Need Help Wrapping My Mind Around Paper Based GTD

    I cannot understand how GTD works in a paper-based system. Do you really not write your next actions for a particular project on the same piece of paper with that project name? How in the world do you view all the next actions for a particular project without have to selectively scan your "next...
  4. J

    What Verbs do you use that are similar to the context of Waiting For

    It is pretty much clear what are Next Action Verbs. These are Physical and Visible Verbs which the doer is responsible to do. Period. However, if the doer is now the recipient or the Next Action Verb. Very much like "Waiting For". What Verbs do you typically use, or how would you handle such...
  5. J

    GTD Recommended Verbs

    Hi there! I have been using GTD Method with Evernote for months now, and I am still struggling to find my way hacking the GTD Method for my day to day living. One of the things I have noticed is the use of appropriate Verbs in determining the Next Physical Visible Actions, which is a...