10-Minute Rule (Kevin Wilde Mailout)


I listened to Kevin Wilde's mailout interview today. It was very good. I incorporated his "10-minute" rule into my bag of tricks. I will see if it works on exercise later today. ;)


I agree, that "10 minute rule" is something that really clicked with me. Sometimes just making a trick will get me started on something I kind of want to do, but lack motivation to just jump in.


Fantastic Interview

What a great interview. Lively, optimistic, full of content and challenging. I especially liked the Learning Agenda concept, and I also followed David's advice and made some new enteris to the Intention Journal based on this concept.
Thanks so much, Kevin - I wish there would be lot's of CLO's like you.


10 minute, but more fun

I've got a variation on the 10-minute rule, more designed for procrastination. The idea is you work on the "ugly thing you don't want to do" for 10 minutes. Work fast and furiously, and really focus on it. When the 10 minutes is up, do something you WANT to do for 2 minutes. Then, go back to the 10 minute UGLY, followed by a 2 minute fun break.

At the end of 1 hour, you'll have 50 solid minutes of work on UGLY...and you had some fun along the way too. This works for me every time!

MiataPops;46595 said:
I listened to Kevin Wilde's mailout interview today. It was very good. I incorporated his "10-minute" rule into my bag of tricks. I will see if it works on exercise later today. ;)


Podcast not found.

I couldn't find this interview in the "audio" section of the GTD Connect site. It was not delivered via iTunes too.


10-Minute Rule (Kevin Wilde Mailout)

Do you receive the CDs by mail. This is how I have received it. Perhaps they have not uploaded it to the site yet.



Time delay in posting to iTunes

Cannot understand why iTunes is updated after mailouts occur? I would have thought that the upload to iTunes would happen as soon as the file is created not after it has been burned to CD and mailed out?

An incidental point is that those of us who have elected to receive info via iTunes are actually subsidising those that receive the CD (we do not get a reduction in subs). It is therefore a bit much that we receive the info last?


I just finished listening to the Kevin Wilde interview this morning. Wow! To my surprise, these interviews are turning out to be a very valuable part of GTD Connect. I especially learned so much from Kevin and from Randall Fulhart. In addition to the 10-minute turnaround rule, my other favorite Kevin Wilde insights (after my first-but-not-last listen) were

1) "Mood management" (I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who needs this!), and in particular, how he developed his ritual of doing his weekly review during his daughter's choir practice

2) His ideas about how to train others in GTD, and what a profound effect it can have on an entire organization when many people are using GTD and interacting with each other in a GTD fashion.

Kevin, and all of the other interviewees: thank you for sharing your ideas with us.


From Kevin's interview I've got that my English is not excellent :) I just couldn't get some phrases :) Am I alone with that? :rolleyes: Is it possible if someone (the best would be if Kevin does) puts here all the tips he gave with some short explanation?

And a question to DavidCo: didn't you think of putting a short brouchure along with the disk with the main tips and ideas to be discussed for non-English speaking GTD Connect members?

Best regards,


Lisa Peake

Materials to accompany CDs

Hi Borisoff,

We're definitely looking into this. Thanks for the suggestion! If you'd like to email us your ideas about how you would ideally want that to look we'll be listening.

P.S. Apologies for the delay in getting this podcasted this go around. We've changed our thinking on the timing of what gets released when, and you electronic-only folks can expect a more timely release of interviews.


10-minute rule

I worked in this industry one time when one of the duties we had was to collect telex dispatches from all over the world on events that were to happen many weeks down the line, sometimes even months, from what is coming and going, to who is coming or going. And we worked in shifts.

So we made a seven-day pocket folder and we collected all the telexes in the folder with the corresponding days, so a telex for an event on March 29th 2007 goes into the Thursday pocket.

When I come on duty on March 29th, I pick up all the telexes on events that will happen on that Thursday, that will be my action list for the day, and I return the rest of the telexes back into the Thursday pocket. And each person who comes on duty will service his duty list for the day from the relevant pocket. And we learn never to worry about things that will not happen on our shift, for some time, and not to worry about not remembering what we have not acted upon.

I have carried that discipline into my other careers and they have served me well.