A proposal for tickler.txt


I have been a big fan of Gina Trapani's todo.txt and format. Unfortunately there wasn't an equivalent one for tickler file. I wanted to propose a format for tickler.txt that would cover various tickler scenarios. It is a bit of a long post with examples so I have summarised it in a blog post. Please take a look and share your feedback.

Interesting. What does it mean: "t:YYYY-MM-DD"? "start:" and "due:" are self-explanatory but "t:"?
Interesting. What does it mean: "t:YYYY-MM-DD"? "start:" and "due:" are self-explanatory but "t:"?
This is part of the todo.txt format supported by the popular tools. t:YYYY-MM-DD is for a future dated task that will appear on the list once that date is reached. A way to keep the visual clutter to a minimum

I would guess that t: here refers to toggle?
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T: seems to me to be 'Tickler' - warn 'x' number of days prior to due date. Similar to what EccoPro would display a tickler for an appointment or task.
Of course not the author so may be way off base.


what I see it seems to be pushing the limit of todo.txt file format by having all the different types of date formats. Does that mean that typical clients such as simpletask (Android) won't work with these todo.txt files? I have made sure I never touch the todo.txt file so all existing tools work fine while I track everything in tickler.txt
I think you have mis-understood my proposal. I am not proposing ANY changes to todo.txt. All these specifications are for a new tickler.txt and a tool that converts tickler entries to valid todo.txt at the appropriate time.