A-Z and Tickler File systems



Hello, I've got all my files labeled as described in the book but my problem is where to keep all those files. What are people using to keep them together, do you use a drawer in a filing cabinet or some other portable kind of method. The thing is I have not been able to find something to store them in and I don't have a filing cabinet yet but I'm considering getting one of those dual ones and set one up as my A-Z and the other one as a Tickler. How are some of you implementing your A-Z filing system and Tickler files. Thanks in advance :D


My tickler files live in a hanging file drawer in my desk. (I am going to be dropping things in them throughout the day, so it has to be handy.) Incidentally, just above that hanging file drawer is a drawer that serves as my inbox and pending items. Pending items are in one small stack (the requirement on those is that there has to be a corresponding item on the task list). The other small stack is for items where the physical item is the reminder that action needs to happen.

As for the A-Z files, those are in two filing cabinets. If I understand David's intentions correctly, these are simply your reference files. The A-Z part is that instead of having different drawers devoted to different subjects, each one starting with its folders inside, you just have one continuous system rather than subcategories.