About tools do with organization AKA a bag rucksack for commuting or exercise "organization "STN and call this part one x infinity


I sent this e-mail to mother with initial picture. "WP ?

after was trying to explain: had visualization in my mind mentally - to start writing this type of card on piece of paper [see picture attached please] which was simply (writing facts about the dimensions of bag - because I sense the present moment could be better.
"so followed the rule of if it < then" .

E-mail was :


was :

- in second section has type empty space in compartments ,not being used.
Should I put things in these?
Does it have negatives not using all potential space there is. Question mark ?"
e.g. should I put sticky notes in empty spaces, instead having desk. next action"

A person related to allen called polifax or X (@Oogiem ) – might recommend using sticky notes for GTD – should keep sticky notes in a bag?
What's the best way to organize three bags in room ?
should I just change to using only two?
Should get something better place bags in room?
not sure fully understood your words mumbled that I should keep stuff in the bag – which is for college, thin, two papers then stick.
-it has negative keeping stuff in bag if also using it going out not going college.

idea occured

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narrate - how
example had idea - bag isn't optimally set up.

could worth giving example college- for type of course, just had small space using - and feels certain amount empty.

had in mind:
said something before about product such as "

users could have recommendations for types of tools fill compartments with? useful things.

picture of actual bag]

N about other cards? NA all of them SV [see attachment of card]

V said users B RL at lease, also SW seeing recent interaction

17:54 task read over one final time : and upload with everything ever had an idea about?

What else worth?

STN and call this part one x infinity