Advise deeded - David Allen 2 Days Recorded Seminar


Dear Fellows

I just finished the GTD book and plan for full implementation of GTD. I also subscribed for the GTD connect and started to get oriented in it with some seminars.

is there anything offered in GTD connect similar to "David Allen's complete two-day seminar. 10 MP3s." that appears in the GTD store on the GTD public website? have any of you bought this seminar before? and in what way does it differs from reading the GTD book?.

Should I go after listening to take this 2-day full seminar (9 hrs recording only) and 2 days of work...or it is enough for reading the book and get a clear understanding of the system and refer to the book while implantation (and using the installation guide in the GTD connect).

Thank You for your advice


Hi Tem, while the 2-day seminar recordings are not part of Connect, you may find a lot of resources here both in terms of audio/video content to help you get started as well as in the document library (look at the startup guides and the implementation guides in particular). Maybe buy the GTD Workbook (the videos can be watched on Connect, too) and just get started. If you want to buy the 10 mp3 set I think you can do so with a discount as a Connect member, if I am not mistaken. But the seminar recordings are just another angle at the content that David has so masterfully compiled in the book, workbook etc. and that is detailed out on Connect...



On this end, the more GTD collaborating/listening/reading the better for the paradoxical purpose of making it as easy and simple as possible!



I was in a similar situation. I read the books several years ago which created the foundation and framework of GTD.
However, it's like David says it really takes two years to really really really integrate it.

I recently joined Connect and found it useful. It's a wealth of information, and I consider it as a library or a buffet of resources.
I pick and choose to listen to webinars or read articles on parts of GTD I want to improve on.

I also bought the mp3s, and I personally got the most value from listening to these recordings. They're very to the point, entertaining, and packed with nuggets of best practices. It's more structured and dense. I listened to it intently the first time through taking notes. Now I have it on repeat during commutes or chores and I pick up or get reminded of a certain perspective.

They're all great for learning and implementing GTD, just delivered in different styles, pace, and medium. I don't have any regret in obtaining the books, Connect, and the audio recordings. It really sped up and deepened my understanding and implementation. It comes down to your personal style of learning and how quickly and deeply you want to dive in. If your intention is to really have an immersive experience I recommend it!

Just keep in mind to pace yourself and not get burned out. GTD really is a lifestyle and life long learning and journey.

Glad to see you on the wagon.



I listened to the audiobook of GTD and kept re listening over and over, as well as watching David Allen on YouTube.... but what I find really useful was actually the GTD Setup guides! You can get those on connect, and it’s really helpful to read a variety of them to get a sense of how GTD can be setup on different tools and devices.

Why not look through the GTD setup guides, pick a few, and have a read through and experiment? You’ll start to get more of the principles behind how you could get your system going.

Josh Mitchell


I purchased the 2 day recording (GTD Live) because I enjoy that kind of long form format. It is worth the price and is very entertaining and engaging! There are some direct excerpts from GTD Live that are on the GTD Podcast… so you may want to check that out if you haven’t.

On Connect, I recommend that you should review the most popular webinars (located on the side bar), and the Getting Started Series (included the expanded conversations).

As you think about what your greatest improvement opportunity is, there are many great webinars that address different topics in great depth. So grateful for the Connect team for making this a great place to learn and grow.