[Announcement] Review Competition


Keith Russell

Hi, everyone.

I've been a subscriber here for some time, but don't post very often. I am the owner of the GTD_PPC Yahoo group, which has been mentioned here once or twice.

I am also a subscriber to a Yahoo group called powertoolssoftware, whose subscribers discuss the use of quality, powerful software products. I have found it invaluable in making good software choices.

One of our activities on the list is the occasional review competition, which gives reviewers the chance to win free copies of the software they review. I am the coordinator of the competition, and we are currently reviewing MyLife Organized, a product with which some of you may be familiar. I am not directly connected with the developer of MLO, but I am a very satisfied user. Rarely have I seen a developer as responsive to user suggestions as Andrey, the MLO developer, and it is developing into a a very effective organizational tool, particularly (but not exclusively) for GTD users.

If you would like to try out the software and write a short review, the odds are good for obtaining a free copy, as Andrey is giving away five of them.

You can find the group at , and can read past messages there, including the details of the contest. If you decide to subscribe, you can do so on the Web page or by sending a message to .

I hope this post is appropriate here. This will be the only announcement I post.