Any GTD thoughts. . . .


Fellow GTDers,

Have been giving a deep dive to the concept of S P A C E

Hopefully without a narcissistic condition . . . "I need my S P A C E" for the intention of being really, really available to self for you with increased human capacity

Any thoughts of S P A C E as being a Reason or the Premier Purpose for appropriately [subjectively] engaging with the objective GTD methodology discovered by David Allen, the Godfather of personal productivity?

Thank you very much

As you see GTD fit
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Lucas W.

I can generally say that I need this “space” to take a rest – and for me the best way to get it is to have my obligations under the control. If they are under the control I can forget about them for a while.

GTD certainly support this approach but I believe that there a lot of other factors which are needed.

How to secure this “space” (when you already have it) or how to run your GTD system (to create this “space”) are both separate issues.