Any Nirvana users here that can share their experience?



Another poster mentioned this software/service several months ago and I'm slowly researching it. I also wonder if my interest is just a reflection of my own difficulties implementing/following GTD. I use Evernote with GTD and have for years. As far as following GTD, some weeks are better than others. Is there a magic software package that will lead me to consistent weekly reviews and creating of next actions? I doubt it but here I am asking about that same topic.


I think Evernote has its limits when it comes to GTD.
I use it mainly as my reference system.

I use Nirvana and I am, overall, pleased with it. But I dont think it will magically make you do weekly reviews. Plan it in your calender and stick with it :)


You might want to check out FacileThings.

You get reminders on the Engage screen (your main work screen) under the reminders section if you have not done your weekly review for more than a week :) It also puts a reminder up if you have items in your inbox and you have not clarified in over 24 hours.

When you are ready to do the review the system walks you through the process following GTD until you have it completed:

(Hopefully the screen shots came through)


Is there a magic software package that will lead me to consistent weekly reviews and creating of next actions?

No Software package will do that. But some will assist more than others. Omnifocus has a review mode that does in effect force you to look at each and every project on the timeframe you choose.

Kevin James

I've just made the switch from Todoist to Nirvana and am very impressed. I was a bit concerned if NirvanaHQ was still being actively developed as their blog hasn't been updated in some time, but a quick response from their support provided assurance that NirvanaHQ is alive and well. Their small development team is focused on development of native Windows and Mac which are in beta.

I wish they would keep their focus on web, iOS and Android, making improvements there, but their current apps are very stable. I've seen several companies expend effort on native apps only to abandon those efforts later as it's too much to maintain. Personally, even with native apps available, if the web app is done well, I prefer to stay in the browser. I have yet to see a native app that was compelling enough to make me stop using a well done web app. And the native apps just suck up resources that could be used to improve the web and mobile apps faster.

NirvanaHQ has helped me remove some of the "noise" with all the tasks I have and really focus in on the important things. In particular I'm getting a lot of value out of being able to set projects to have sequential tasks meaning only the Next Action shows up in my Next list. Also, the Schedule list really helps keep the noise down by only presenting tasks in my Focus list as the schedule date comes up. Also, like having both the start and due dates available to me.

I wish they would add a few more shortcuts and improve their rapid entry so I can specify Time, Energy and a few other things during the rapid entry. The less I have to touch my mouse in my task app the better. Remember the Milk and Todoist WITH the Todoist shortcuts chrome extension are great at providing shortcuts to navigate the entire app.

Oh, and as far as motivation to do Weekly Reviews...I simply use a habit tracker app to remind and motivate me. In my case, I use Done on iOS, cheap (no monthly subscription) and easy to use.

Great work NirvanaHQ team!
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Ariadne Marques

After using Todoist for 3+ years I've also made the switch to NirvanaHQ this year. To be honest I had to let go of things like: emojis on my actions lists, Calendar integration and adding images to tasks. I know, they all seem non-essential (and they are!) but I was happy with them for some time. I enjoyed Todoist visually but the projects management was awful: moving projects around was always a messy task for me with projects being indented where I didn't want them to be.

With NirvanaHQ I see for the first time a clear and solid way of having a list of active and inactive projects. In my case, I’m using the “Later” category for projects I plan on acting on during the month. Next is for things I want to do this week and Someday/Maybe is future stuff/everything else. The Focus star is awesome for those things I want to focus on the day.

Another thing that I enjoy about Nirvana is that I can filter easily all my projects and next actions, jumping from personal to work (using the Areas of Focus) without the need to setup complicated custom filters (I was never happy with my Todoist filters and over time they got too complicated). I struggled for years to find a good way to have a trusted list of Next, Later, Someday/Maybe projects and that is possible with Nirvana.

The "sequential" and "parallel" options for projects next action are also great! It keeps my lists uncluttered and I avoid "list overwhelm". I think the "recurring actions" options dates work great as well.

It's true that they could use some UI updates to make it easier to navigate using only keyboard shortcuts, but I think it's getting there. It's one of those apps that you can tell people behind it understand what GTD is about and the essence is there.

Now, weekly reviews have always been a challenge for me and I sometimes skip one or two :oops: I'm working on that!

I will try the Done app that @Kevin James suggested for my weekly review habit forming! Thanks!


Any folks having issues with sync? I have LOTS of tasks and projects in there between personal and work and find that the sync between web and the iPhone app is off quite often. I have been a Nirvana user for many years so I am wondering if maybe some became corrupt along the way.


I am not having any problems at all. What browser are you using to access the web version? Perhaps sign out, clear your cache, and then sign back in.